6 July 2009

Fancy taking a trip through Scotland?

Yeah we've all thought of doing it, well at least the people who like driving do.

Taking a long weekend for a nice long road trip, taking in the sights, seeing what is really going on out of the city. I'm not talking about the countryside as you know it, with medows and fields full of foul smelling animals every twenty minutes..

I'm talking about the real countryside, winding highland lanes, scaling roads alongside mountains (well at least with some in view). I'd love to do something like that, in the UK or in Europe, but I would expect abit of practise driving those kind of roads would be better off staying where everyone speaks the same language incase you get into a bit of trouble with your car, not everyone has a Top Gear style team of vans trecking behind them incase anything malfunctions.

So what route would you need to take when you get into Scotland? The only places I know of up there would be the capital anyway, and that isnt really exploring what it has to offer is it.

It's pictures like this I found that really inspire me to just pack the car and go for it. Where else in the UK can you find driving roads like this?

Heading from the south would you go up the M6 towards the capital then head east through Livingston towards the coast at Edinburgh before venturing further north into Falkirk, Sterling etc or is that too commercial a route, I don't know what roads are up there and which are sheep paths!

Now I am lucky, I have a choice of cars to take, one is a sports car which is... some what reliable (touch wood) and also a more sensible car (picture in your head something like a ford galaxy. I suppose it depends on what you're going for, a driving challenge or for comfort, if for comfort it would be on my list to be driving something big enough to put all the kit in, sure a ford galaxy in falkirk might not seem like much of a driving adventure but you can keep truckin' north knowing you have enough kit in the back to last you a month of extreme weather. I think they're quite reasonable now considering what you get from them, alot of car with alot of uses, best to get them used from ford direct though.

Luckily Ford offers north west suitable cars, it's as if they designed them specifically with touring Scotland in mind (Yeah im biased towards them, Ive never had one break down on me!), well unless you try to climb a mountain in a KA, that would just be stupid, so the ford galaxy might be a better choice for that challenge..(but not mine)

So theres my route to get into Scotland, yours might be different, when you look at the map you can see you've not even breached into the highlands, but it really sperates down to either crossing all the rivers and fords in the North West or the east coast road that heads up to Aberdeen, etc.

It's a good idea if you do decide to go on a wild excursion like this to make a note of the numbers any garages in Scotland incase your car breaks down or you run into some trouble whilst you're up there. A couple of well known dealerships who spring to mind are Vardy and http://www.peoplescars.co.uk/ so you might want to check those out.

Id love some advice on my route if anyone knows a safe but more enjoyable collection of driving roads leave a comment below.

Big thanks,

Internet 'Meerkat' Overlord


15 June 2009

Where can you hire the Alfa 8c?

This is a question, correct. My question that I'm asking infact. Turns out we cant find anywhere to hire such an excellent beasty of a travel device.

What you can do though is take your pick of personal lease hire in any of the other Alfa models, take a look at these Alfa Romeo models for lease hire. Including the zesty Alfa Mito from only £179 pcm!

Fun times! Whilst these may not be the 8c, they'll make up for it by beings usefuls for long term hire. Next question? Personal lease vs personal contract hire, what is the difference?

6 May 2009

America to get some fancy euro cars then?

Chrysler climbing into bed with Fiat, will that mean Alfa’s and Fiat’s will be popping up all over the place like some crazy animal infestation...

More on this here...

2 April 2009

Grooveshark, anyone use it?

Grooveshark, anyone use it?: No one else seems to know about this thing! I think it could be great if more people I knew actually used it for streaming music.. I use it to pass the time away at work mostly :)